a couple more screenplays

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Plug Ugly, Mr Dylan

The times they were a changing.

It’s 1966 and two young guys from the boring suburbs of Melbourne discover there’s another world out there, a world of intellectual stimulation, folk music, creativity, anti-Vietnam protest, and that’s not to mention sex, drugs and the incredible fact that the greatest voice of their generation, Bob Dylan, is kicking off his controversial world tour in their city. Controversial because he is going electric…and their world is rocked.

A Bellbird Sings (From the novel: Crackerjack, mate)

Jack flies from London to New Zealand to find his estranged daughter, but of course that means meeting up with ex-wife Julia and Rex, the bastard who wrecked his life. All 3 were once members of ‘Crackerjack’, an avante garde theatre group…the best time of their life, perhaps. Jack is the catalyst to put them all in extreme danger deep in rugged bush. Not theatre this time, mate.

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