I didn’t like Melbourne and then I did

Juvenile fiction age 10-14 years. A novella

I didn’t like Melbourne and then I did, and this story is why.                                                                                           

Most people just stay in the same city most of their life, but we’ve moved around a bit, quite a lot actually, just me and Mum. There’s a reason for it.

I’ve been to a lot of schools and one thing is, I’ve never been very good at introducing myself. I don’t have many friends. I probably don’t make enough effort.

 When you read the story you’ll probably guess who the publisher is, because he appears a bit. I put a couple of things in which maybe shouldn’t be there, I don’t know. The fight with Dougie, maybe, or Paddy’s song, which Danny says he might put on a website. I wouldn’t mind if people say what they think about those couple of things.    

You probably know enough about me now so I’ll introduce some other people, except you have to remember the dangerous and exciting stuff starts a bit later. Like when I found Bingo’s poison. But you should read the first bit first.


That should link to lulu.com. Not that I’ve succeeded, but there you go.

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