Tear Drop

Sam’s father is a marine scientist, part of a team testing a new submersible, ‘Tear Drop’, deep in the Southern Ocean. 15-year-old Sam, housebound back in New Zealand, is avidly following their course. He and his father are also conducting a non-sanctioned experiment with Virtual Reality communication. The project is being monitored by the American Ice Station Kennedy outpost in Antarctica.

Sam’s sister and boyfriend are eco-warriors, incensed by the threat of toxic waste disposal. A laden ship owned by a rogue corporation is currently zigzagging through the Pacific seeking a disposal site. They must be stopped!

The rogue ship jams transmissions and attacks the scientists’ ship. Sam picks up a garbled message and tries to get help. No one believes him. He cunningly uses VR technology to break through the ‘jamming’, gain control of ‘Tear Drop’, and save the day.

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