My Pen is My Penis 2

A young relative once told me that for my Christmas present he was going to make the enormous effort to read one of my books. It turned out to be Plug’s book, which he, his brothers, and their friends both analysed and approved of. When I wallow in my customary depression it is the one book I keep re-reading. It’s told me more about myself than any self-diagnosis, diary, or sworn enemy could. I’ve always had a dodgy lateral view of the world, and it’s been a disadvantage in many situations. Not so uncommon, I think. Some of us don’t fit in quite as well as we’d like.

I wrote the first entry on a ship sailing to Africa. I wish I’d written down the ten thousand thoughts and ideas from the past, but I didn’t, until I saw the dolphin.

First entry: some dolphins Dolphins aren’t as clever as they think. Some dolphins probably are, but the majority are deluding themselves. Not all animals delude themselves even if they want to, and animal scientists disagree on this capacity for delusion or, if they do agree, they are keeping it a secret from us.

Oh no, I’ve just been re-reading the book and suddenly feel that’s it not very good. Some days I think it brilliant, others not. Why is that? I blame me. Or Plug.

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